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Miles Sound System Sdk.rar




and 5.1.apk and directly push into android phone and play, but it need to install to sdcard. If the user get device without sdcard, it will always crash. Is there a solution for this? A: The problem is that you can't use file /data/local/tmp/play.apk for installation because it's located on sdcard (that's why you get this error). You have to put apk file on device's internal storage like BTW, in my project I've used some tricks to bypass problem described in your question - I have created my own installer class which checks if there are any installed apps, if no installed apps, then I call play sdk, if there are installed apps, then I call play sdk. Hope it will help you. Q: Предотвращение копирования одной строки в поле Нужно предотвратить копирование строки в поле для изменения названия файла, например чтобы когда пользователь производит получение и перезапись имени файла, поле возвращало перезаписанное состояние. Подскажите пожалуйста, как лучше э




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Miles Sound System Sdk.rar

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