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A unique opportunity to support youth baseball in Bet Shemesh.
Dear neighbor,
This upcoming 2021 season, we embark on a journey towards using our own non profit organization. While we will still be a part of the IAB, we will no longer be financially dependent on them. This means, we will be solely responsible for paying our coaches, rental fee's for field usage, some coaching and umpiring, equipment for all our players, and of course providing uniforms for the kids.
Bet Shemesh Baseball is a community-based, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing both house and competitive level baseball for kids from ages 7 to 19, as well as baseball coaching, umpiring and other volunteer opportunities for community members of all ages. Equally important, we turn no child away due to their family’s inability to pay.
Without a doubt, youth baseball is on the rise in Bet Shemesh. While all the volunteers that run the league are dedicated to make our City the best we are also turning to potential supporters like you to help make that happen.
We are looking for the support of Bet Shemesh businesses and organizations like yours to help us cover costs and keep our registration fees down. No donation is too big or too small.
On behalf of our baseball players, coaches, volunteers and families, the Bet Shemesh Baseball Board of Directors would like to encourage you to show your support, and we would be delighted if you are able to identify a sponsorship program that not only matches your budget, but your heart as well. If you are interested in exceptional opportunity to “step up to the plate” to support grassroots youth baseball, please contact us directly. We would be pleased to work with you.



1500 Shekels

Allowing our kids to play sports is certainly the best way to get our kids healthier. Ask a coach of any sport. They will tell you Sport increases the likelihood of children staying active, allows them to sleep better and keeps them mentally sharp. Recent studies have found that increased physical activity levels directly relate to school performance, particularly in the areas of math, reading and retention of information. With that said not all kids have the luxury of playing sports. We turn to you help, please consider sponsoring a child to be a healthier kid all around.

Little League Baseball Game


5,000 Shekels

Every Kid on the team will enjoy a DRI-FIT Technology shirt, as well as baseball pants.  Each Team that is sponsored will be given the team name of the Sponsorship.

Base Runner


1000 Shekels

Outfitting our kids with the most up to date safety equipment is our primary concern. Ensuring our kids are using proper Batting Helmets for every team, Catchers Equipment for every team and using safety bases will reduce any risk of potential injuries.



400 Shekels

We all know you cant play the game of baseball without any baseballs!  Bet Shemesh has many players  who love to foul off pitches. While we try to ensure those balls are always retrieved, some times they are never found! Please help us keep our stock so that we never run out!

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