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Our staff is made up of highly trained experts who have played baseball since they were little kids. Each day, we make it our mission to get our players to the next level. The Bet Shemesh Baseball coaching staff helps our kids reach maximum performance levels, physically and psychologically. Meet the people who make the Bet Shemesh Baseball teams so amazing.


Head Coach Juniors Division

Areyh Klien's name is synonymous with baseball and Bet Shemesh. Areyh has been coaching kids in our city since competitive baseball was introduced to Bet Shemesh. Areyh has coached numerous divisions and is famous for motivating kids by push-ups or by handing out gum!

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Cadets Coach

Bet Shemesh Baseball wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for Coach Shlomo Lipman. Coach Lipman has been playing in the IAB since the age of 10. He coached the Juniors Bet Shemesh Comets to the championship title in 2020. He coaches the Israel Baseball Under 18 academy and the national team. Coach Lipman also plays in the Premier League and on the senior National Team.

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Cadets Coach

Mike Moritz comes here from Ithaca, NY where he spent 3 years working as a College & Career Advisor at a local high school. He graduated Ithaca College in 2019, playing baseball all four years, including a half-year playing in Spain. Growing up in Connecticut, he played AAU for Technique Tigers and Varsity for Staples High School. He has years of experience coaching youth teams in Westport, CT Baseball, IST Baseball in Norwalk, CT, Ithaca College and summer baseball programs at Keewaydin Dunmore Camp for Boys. He is eager to grow as a positive role model and knowledgeable coach for youth in the IAB. This fall he is playing in the PL, doing ulpan at Kibbutz Tzuba and is working at KKL- JNF.

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Minors Coach

Rabbi Coach Bramson, is Bet Shemesh finest coach, with impeccable middos!! Rabbi Coach Bramson builds our youngest kids to be just like him! By ensuring our kids have a solid foundation in middos before they become our baseball hero's!

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Juniors Coach

Coach Jablinowitz started playing at the age of 8 and has not stopped since. This past year, he coached in the Juvenile division. He currently plays in the Premier League.

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Juniors Coach

Coach Rosenbaum has been playing in the IAB since the age of 10. This past year he coached in the juvenile division. He is currently on the IL but expects to make his return to the premier league this season. (2021)

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Juveniles Head Coach

Ross Meltzer recently joined Bet Shemesh Baseball. He is no stranger to sports though.  Ross is a senior referee for ice hockey and was a phys ed teacher for many years!

Female Soccer Coach
The Coaches: Meet the Coaches
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