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Being part of a team shapes who you are.

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

While it maybe easy for some players to show up and play baseball well, they sometimes struggle with learning how to respect their coaches and fellow teammates.

Many kids turn to the field to feel good and shine in their athleticism. While this able's them to sub consciously release stress and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. They sometimes don't realize that there is a learned social aspect when playing for a team.

Organized sports, like baseball is a terrific way for your child to make new friends from all sorts of backgrounds. But the social skills learned in team sports can go beyond simply getting along.

Team sports will teach your child to trust and rely on other players to achieve a common goal. Your child can also learn to look past differences and to respect the individual strengths of others. These skills can easily translate to other areas of your kids’ life, like being a team player in class projects or in their first job. Bet Shemesh baseball coaches strive to teach not only baseball skills but the importance of learning how to get along even when losses and errors occur.

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